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MYI13 – Ipiranga Moy Yat Lecture (Brazil 1992)
MYI12 – 1st Lecture in Brazil 1990
MYI11 – 1st International Seminar in Brazil
MYI10 – Moy Bing Wah
Moy Yat Institute – Lives Abertas 2020
The Patriarch Moy Yat’s Legacy – Live de 1 ano de Instituto Moy Yat
MYI9 – Chi Sau on the Centerline
MYI8 – Centerline
MYI7 – Siu Nim Do
MYI6 – Intelligence Stratégique – Professeour François Jullien
MYI5 – Kung Fu – Professeur François Jullien
MYI4 – The Nature of Ving Tsun System
MYI3 – The Formation of Ving Tsun System
MYI2 – How to Teach Ving Tsun
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