What it is

It is an entity, endorsed by the Moy Family, dedicated to safekeeping Patriarch Moy Yat’s legacy with the intention of becoming an international reference for Kung Fu Education, through Xin Fa (Sam Faat), more commonly known in English as Kung Fu Life, a parallel process of education based on the convivial experience between tutors and tutees.

Believing in the importance of forming a formal channel of communication with a global reach to understanding the importance of Kung Fu Life through the lens of Integral Education, the São Paulo Moy Yat Institute will be the pilot location with the intention of establishing one in New York and other soon to be candidate cities.

How it works

The Moy Yat Institute will function “on demand” only and that will make it an autonomous body capable of contributing with any interested party anywhere in the world. The Moy Yat Institute will develop systematized mobilizing experiences programs in a way that will be able to extract benefits from any life experience.


Given that Formal Education does not meet all demands of the modern world it is necessary to find a parallel education that can present adjusted perspectives to scenarios that are difficult to anticipate. For that reason, the Moy Yat Institute is committed to providing an education where cultivating strategic intelligence, based on human development, allows our natural talents to manifest itself progressively.

To whom

The Moy Yat Institute’s premise is to be open to help everyone, of all parts of the world, always with the intention of valuing Kung Fu Education. Any person or company interested should get in touch with the Moy Yat Institute, either online or in person.

By who

Grandmaster William Moy is the Global Director of all the Moy Yat Institutes around the world. Each Moy Yat Institute will have a local executive director. The São Paulo Moy Yat Institute has Grandmaster Leo Imamura as its executive director and Master Rodrigo Giarola as its operational manager. The Moy Yat Institute benefits from qualified and voluntary contributions like specialists from different areas of expertise.


The address for the Sao Paulo Moy Yat Institute is Rua Nova York, 1274, Bairro Brooklin.